Why Is It Best To Choose A Customized Hair Loss Treatment In London?

Each individual has a unique pattern of hair loss and thus, the same requires a suitable hair loss treatment in London. The type of hair loss pattern determines the appropriate approach.

The type of hair loss patterns vary however, in males, this follows a specific pattern. One of the easiest ways to do so is to follow the Norwood scale.

Identifying Male Hair Loss According To Norwood Scale

Before seeking hair loss treatment in London, your clinic will determine the extent of hair loss and its progression. This makes it easier to identify the best pattern for hair management and treatment choices, like –

  • The horseshoe pattern follows the thinning hair on the top of the head and slowly around the temples. You end up with hair loss in the form of a crown.
  • The M pattern of hair loss begins and you notice receding hairline. This pushes your hair further from the face.
  • Slowly, the vertex balding is followed by loss of hair on the crown of the head.
  • Another form of baldness results in the form of a U shape. When viewed from above, the hairline recedes further away. You can still notice a strip of hair between the bald spot and receding hairline. If left unmanaged, the hairline recedes further towards the back of the head.
  • By stage 6, the baldness progresses to the front and top. The balding spots join together minus any strip or patch of hair.
  • By stage 7, the baldness begins to affect the sides of the head and you have only a thin ring of hair encircling the outside of your head.

Options Available For Effective Hair Loss Treatment In London

To understand whether you will benefit from a particular treatment, it is recommended to choose a trusted clinic. They help to identify your hair loss patterns, the optimal strategy and future course of actions.

Here are some of the common options available for effective hair loss treatment in London-

  • Scalp pigmentation

You can choose to cover the balding areas using small tattoos. These help to create an illusion or hair in the area. However, the same rarely gives a natural appearance.

  • Hair transplantation

During the process, your surgeon removes small patches of hair from the scalp. These are then implanted into the balding spots to reduce the appearance of hair loss. The procedures like FUE are found to be highly effective.

  • Micro-needling

Micro-needling uses a device that has hundreds of tiny needles to penetrate your skin. These are painful yet can help to boost hair growth through stimulation.

  • Scalp expansion

During the process, the doctor introduces a small device under your scalp. This helps to stretch the skin and reduce balding spots.

  • Scalp reduction

The doctor may recommend removing parts of your scalp minus hairs. This helps to bring the areas closer.


Selecting the right option to restore your hairline is important. It is best to take immediate steps to remedy the situation. If left untreated, it can increase your costs and create the need for an expensive treatment plan.

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