Unleashing Your Full Potential: The Journey of Personal Development

Personal growth is a lifelong process where you need to invest in yourself to excel. We come across many hurdles in life and these hurdles are designed to make us shine and when we think negatively then we tend to surrender and then we have to face the most befitting defeat. Personal growth brings mental prosperity. Unleash your potential by working sedulously towards your goal. The journey of success is like ebb and tide. We quest for success but so many others are also competing for the same so push yourself in the direction to win over the odds. Your capacity depends on how much hard work you can do. I know someone who was from Vidhyadeep University, he was sceptical about his placements but his college provided him the opportunity to sit for placement in Infosys, Wipro, TCS, Airtel, Reliance and more. He got placed in Infosys. So be ready for anything in life.

It’s all mental game where we lose When we don’t improve upon ourselves. We play a mental game whenever we get involved in any competition. A mental training is seen as an offensive approach in all fields. When you don’t continue working on mental skills then you tend to lose ground that can be because of anxiety, fear of failure, or any other mental game challenge. Academic Skills can only be shown or performed at any stage.

Boost Your Brain:

Train your brain. Have healthy habits and if you don’t have then build habits that are in line with your goals. Play intuitive games such as chess do not get encircled by irrelevant thoughts. Train your brain in a particular way to make it better function in your favour. Do some time intensive processes for example calculations try doing 35 calculation in 1 min and when you keep on practicing this way you brain will get sharpen over the time. Game will boost your brain power. Memory and strategic vision can be improved through playing games.

Don’t involve yourself in other activities:

Activities require you to put your time and energy into the work. This will get you nowhere. So squandering time unnecessary is not at all required. Just measure over what you will achieve if you are doing an activity and why you are choosing it over other activities.


Stay updated with the current trends in your industry or field of your interest. That will not only make you remain updated but also will improve your readability skills. When you will read you will try to get into the multifaceted meanings of a sentence that require you to articulate and contemplate in diversified manner.

Be Active and Honest in all the activities:

This is one of the foremost expectations from an individual. Your activities will develop personality traits that will take you far ahead of the others. Your cognitive ability will expand as you get involve in these tasks.

Evaluate your past decisions:

Your past decisions will show you the patterns of how you think and how you must have thought before analyzing and making decisions. The evaluation of decisions is very necessary as that will pave the way for you to make improvements in further decision-making.

Learn something new:

Whenever you try learning new that will activate new neurons in your mind. That will help you in growing your mind and personality. When you learn something new it has its own epistemology and ontology so you explicitly learn to comprehend existential realities through analytical approaches.
Ask as many questions as you can that will make you more confident. This will never be desultory as you will have to put in wholesome effort. Questions must be relevant and in proximity to why and how that has been construed. The parse of the internal conceptual construct will clear your doubts. If you have brain fog then this will get pall away when you ask questions. This is a regimen for these disorders.

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