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A move to a new city or a new country, maybe a new job. This is always an exciting new beginning. But moving can be expensive. We have researched in which areas you can save money.
From Dubai for a new job? A move like this can cost a lot of money. But if you plan a little, the costs can be kept under control. We have put together the Delight Box Move tips about flat-rate moving costs etc.

Don’t calculate too tight

If you’re planning a move and want to save money, you’ll naturally first think about organizing everything yourself and getting friends involved. But moving on your own is not automatically cheaper than moving with a service provider.
If you rent a van, you will usually have to pay a surcharge if you pick up the vehicle in one city and return it in another – the so-called one-way rental.
In addition, full responsibility for planning lies in your hands: How big does such a transporter have to be so that all the Furniture Movers Dubai, boxes and plants fit in? This is difficult to estimate for the inexperienced.
Many people also make mistakes when calculating the amount of work. If too few helpers come, everything takes longer than expected. Or not all furniture fits in the cargo space. New costs quickly arise, for example for an additional day of van use. Therefore: Don’t calculate your move too tightly.

Declutter before moving

Anything that moves with you increases the cost of transportation. Therefore, before moving, you should get rid of any furnishings and household goods that you do not want to take with you to your new home.
Or you can sell things that are in good condition but are no longer needed through an advertisement on the Internet or at your neighborhood flea market. Many charitable organizations welcome furniture donations.
Anything that is no longer suitable for selling or giving away can be disposed of as bulky waste. Many communities still offer this service free of charge. However, there are often fees for short-term collection, which vary from municipality to municipality. Electrical devices and large household appliances are considered electronic waste. They must be handed in at a local disposal point.

Compare offers

If you want professional help but don’t want to book the complete package, you should ask yourself: What services do I do myself and what do I leave to the professionals?
Movers and packers in Dubai, dismantling and reassembling furniture – you can most likely do this yourself if you want your move to cost little. Get different offers and compare. Start planning your move as early as possible.
Offers should be available eight to twelve weeks before the appointment. Because: the earlier, the cheaper. Moving companies also like to plan.
Important: Demand is particularly high at weekends and month ends. Companies are particularly busy in November and December. If possible, avoid these peak times. You can then negotiate more favorable terms if necessary.

Check “additional load” and empty runs

If you have a manageable household size and are flexible about the date for transport, the so-called additional load may be interesting. Many moving and storage dubai offer to pack small loads onto the moving van if someone else has already booked a tour with a similar start and destination. This is how you save money.
Another way to save money is empty trips: This refers to the return trip of a moving truck to the branch where the loading space is not used. Companies try to find customers for these trips who can use them for their furniture and moving boxes. This often results in savings of forty percent.

Cancel the apartment in good time

As soon as the new rental agreement has been signed and the moving date has been set, you should terminate your old apartment. You don’t want to pay rent twice.
The regular notice period is three months to the end of the month. If you would like to Storage service in dubai, ask your landlord if they would like to release you from the contract sooner. This is often possible if you suggest new tenants.
This also has the advantage that you may be able to pass on furniture, curtains or lamps that you no longer need to new tenants. The landlord may also buy furnishings such as the fitted kitchen that do not fit into your new apartment.

Check insurance coverage

If something breaks during a self-organized move, the injured party is usually left with the costs. Household contents insurance does not compensate for damage caused by accidents or due to a lack of security measures.
If a volunteer has a mishap, they are not liable because their unpaid support is considered a service of friendship. Delight Box Move companies, on the other hand, are liable for damage caused by their employees.
Anyone who hires moving helpers via a job exchange should clarify in advance whether they have taken out insurance.

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