Strengths And Weaknesses Of Learning Online In 2024

3 Advantages And Disadvantages Of E-Learning For Students

Before starting discussions about online learning; just Imagine you were playing Cookie Clicker during your online class. Everything is perfect. Your juggling skills between your Zoom app and the game app are definitely Oscar-worthy. Until…

You left your mic open and your tutor finds out what you have been doing this whole time. Playing games instead of studying. What a gruesome act. But it is forgivable, right?

Uh-oh, guess we were wrong. Your professor has ordered you to shift your learning classes to on-campus in the coming week. What on Earth!

Hold on, is there something that can be done? Think fast!

Well, you can show your tutor that you are ashamed for behaving so immaturely. And, maybe slip a whole “if you ask me” statement highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of learning online. Make sure to exaggerate the advantages more to have the ball in your court.

Maybe this statement will make them change their mind. But, first off, you need to know all about the strengths and weaknesses of online learning. Well, you must have done something to clear to karmic debt, because you have landed in the right place.

Below we have shed light on some major pros and cons of learning online. Read on to expertly debate this topic with your professor.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Learning Online

Now, before you start debating your point with your professor, make sure you are well acquainted with the opposition case beforehand. Or else you will get all tongue-tied when they will present their points. Make sure to sound persuasive instead of argumentative. Otherwise, it might hurt your tutor’s ego and as a result, no matter how good your debate is, you will have to surrender. Now, we don’t want that, do we?

By keeping these tips in mind, we shall commence on our actual topic. Start off with your first proposition as listed below. And, don’t forget to pay attention to the opposition points, because chances are your furious professor won’t let you off easy.

Proposition ‘A’: Gives Repeated Access to Course Materials:

Convince your professor by letting them know how easy it is for you to have repeated access to the course. On the contrary, if you attend classes in the traditional way, then you will have to excel at note-making skills. Not only will it waste your energy more, but it is no secret that you won’t be able to jot down each and every piece of information that comes out of your tutor’s mouth. Tell them that you can do my assignment more productively due to the easy access to course material.

Moreover, if you have difficulty understanding a topic, you can always repeat it as many times as you want to make it make sense to you. Surely, you will not feel comfortable asking your tutor to repeat something for the hundredth time, will you?

Opposition ‘A’: Requires Self-Discipline:

Although, your point was extremely genuine and logical, but, your professor might balance it with their furious opposition. “To repeat course materials, you must require self-discipline”. And to have self-discipline have strong motivation. And, the only way you can get motivation is by having a proper interaction with your instructors as well as your peers.

Well, they are absolutely right. But don’t make them feel like so. Continue persuading him with the below-given solution to their point, and we are sure they will understand.

Solution A:

Ensure to them that you have strong disciplinary skills along with self-motivation. Moreover, let them know that you can substitute face-to-face interaction with online communication easily. And end this solution by starting off with your second proposition confidently.

Proposition ‘B’: Online Learning Offers Flexibility And No Distractions:

Let your professor know how flexible it is for you to study online. Not only you will save yourself the commute time, but also you can take the classes whenever you feel more productive. Moreover, due to zero distractions, you can also get assistance online, for instance, if you writing an essay but you feel little difficulty in writing then you have to buy an essay online. In this way, you can easily achieve your educational goals in a schedule that suits you best.

Opposition ‘B’: But It Is Limited To Certain Disciplines:

We are sure your professor might be considering your propositions and solutions just now, but they are still debating just for the sake of arguing. Now, your professor might highlight that although online learning is flexible, however, there are certain limitations to this method. Well, they sure are furious, and rightly so. But fret not, because we’ve got you. Read the below-given solution to provide ease to your professor’s concern.

Solution B:

You both are right on your points and to make things even, we suggest you try a blended learning method. Whenever it is flexible for you to attend on-site classes, let your professors know beforehand so that they can make the necessary arrangements.

Proposition ‘C’: Increased Course Variety:

Just as you finish with your solution to your tutor’s opposition, start with this proposition, without wasting a second. Let them know that since you are not required to be physically present on campus, you can enroll yourself in the courses that inspire you the most.

With no geographical or time barrier, you can easily gain the knowledge in the field that you like. Moreover, you can also complete your coursework whenever it is convenient for you. So, thanks to online learning, you don’t have to rearrange your schedule.

Opposition ‘C’: Prevention Of Cheating Is Unachievable:

Well, that was certainly a good point. Just strong enough to have your tutor convinced. But your professor is left with just one more concern. What is that? Oh right, that there is no guarantee that students do not cheat in their assessment. As a matter of fact, your tutor is absolutely correct too.

A lot of candidates find it easy to cheat on their personal computers, or even make a third party answer their question paper on their behalf. Well, don’t worry. We have the perfect solution for this concern as well. Read below to convince your professor to agree with your point.

Solution C:

Tell your professor that there are a lot of anti-cheating measures that can be used to ensure honest test results. The most widely tool used in online learning is proctoring systems i.e. Examity. So, now your tutor can easily detect fraudulent assessment-takers and take strict action against them.

Let Us Settle The Debate: Online Learning Vs. Offline Learning

As a matter of fact, online learning is an emerging trend. Although you might be shocked to know that it was introduced in 1982. However, it is becoming more common now. There are innumerable benefits to it, and it also has its weak points. Thankfully, people are working on its weaknesses so students can easily learn within the comforts of their homes.

We are sure, your professor might have budged a lot from his debate after hearing your strong propositions and solid reasoning. Just make sure to never leave your mic to unmute ever again or else it would be impossible to persuade them then.

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