Qampa, also spelled Jampa and Qampa, is the easiest and most popular mountain to climb in Cusco and may be climbed without experience in mountaineering. It requires a glacier hike and sometimes a small rock-climbing pass, depending on the season. The summit 5,520 meters offers a panoramic view that reaches Salkantay over 200 kilometers to the northwest.

During this Qampa Climbing 2-Day Trip, you will explore the most remote area of the Peruvian Andes, from stunning turquoise lakes to snow capped mountains that offer different breathtaking vistas in the Vilcanota range.


Embark on an unparalleled adventure with our “Qampa Mountain Climbing” itinerary, where each day is a chapter in an epic tale of conquering nature’s towering sentinel. From the rugged foothills to the pristine alpine glaciers, this journey will lead you through diverse landscapes, challenging ascents, and the camaraderie of fellow adventurers. 

Your itinerary will be a meticulous dance with the elements, revealing secrets held by the windswept ridges and the timeless beauty of the Qampa Mountain. Get ready to craft memories that will last a lifetime as you ascend into the clouds and experience the exhilarating fusion of heart-pounding challenge and awe-inspiring beauty.

Day 1. Cusco – Tinke – Pacchanta

We leave Cusco in the morning (approximately 6:00 a.m.) in our private van and arrive in Tinke. We have a short stop to purchase some items that we could need on this tour. From there, we keep driving to the herding community of Pacchanta (4,136 m), and it is there that we will start our hiking towards base camp (4,800m) with our arriero carrying the equipment on a horse. The trail (9km) passes through several green-blue lagoons at the foot of Nevado Ausangate and many herds of Alpacas, it arrives at base camp close to the Qampa Pass (5,000m).

Day 2. Base Camp – Summit – Pacchanta – Cusco

We wake up at 3:30am and leave the tent by 4am. Arriving at the summit by 7am we can enjoy the views for an hour or so before returning to base camp for breakfast. After breakfast we will walk back to Pacchanta and go to the thermal baths for a couple hours. Then we will go back to Cusco in our private van.

Included in the trip:


Transportation plays a pivotal role in the QAMPA Mountain Climbing trip, not as a mere means to an end, but as an integral part of the journey itself. In this extraordinary adventure, participants navigate rugged terrains and towering peaks using specially designed vehicles and even the occasional helicopter lift, transforming the commute into an awe-inspiring expedition. It’s a vital thread in the tapestry of this experience, ensuring that every moment, from the base to the summit, is a remarkable adventure of its own.


Expedition & Climbing Equipment (Tents, Crampons, Ice Axe, Harness, Helmet, etc.)

In the context of the QAMPA Mountain Climbing trip, the carefully chosen expedition and climbing equipment are more than just tools; they are the trusted companions of intrepid explorers. These items are the bridge that connects human ambition with the formidable majesty of the mountains, enabling climbers to conquer towering summits and endure harsh conditions. Each piece, from tents to crampons, serves as a symbol of preparedness and resilience, embodying the spirit of the QAMPA adventure where the right gear is the key to unlocking nature’s most breathtaking challenges.


Food (1 Breakfast 2 Lunch 1 Dinner)

Food on the QAMPA Mountain Climbing trip is not just sustenance; it’s a culinary tapestry woven with energy, warmth, and camaraderie. With one breakfast, two hearty lunches, and one well-deserved dinner, these carefully planned meals are a vital part of the experience, offering sustenance and comfort amidst the rigors of the climb. They serve as more than just nourishment, they are a shared celebration of each day’s achievements, strengthening the bonds of the climbing team and infusing the journey with the flavors of resilience and reward.


1 High Mountain Guide per 3 clients

The inclusion of one High Mountain Guide for every three clients in the QAMPA Mountain Climbing trip embodies a commitment to safety, expertise, and a personalized adventure. These seasoned guides are not mere leaders; they are mentors, companions, and guardians of the mountain realm. With this unique ratio, climbers receive individualized attention, fostering a deeper connection to the wilderness and ensuring a safe yet exhilarating ascent, making QAMPA a pinnacle of alpine exploration.


Arriero & Horse Service

The Arriero and Horse Service on the QAMPA Mountain Climbing trip adds a touch of timeless charm and practicality to the modern adventure. These skilled handlers and their trusty equine companions bring a touch of tradition to the expedition, ensuring that gear and supplies are efficiently transported through rugged terrain, leaving climbers to focus on the ascent. It’s a harmonious blend of heritage and modernity, embodying the spirit of QAMPA where every element contributes to a seamless, unforgettable mountain journey.


 First aid kit

The inclusion of a comprehensive first aid kit in the QAMPA Mountain Climbing trip is the guardian angel of every ascent. Nestled among the ice and rocks, it represents preparedness in the face of uncertainty, offering solace to climbers navigating the unpredictable mountain terrain. This unassuming kit is a testament to QAMPA’s commitment to safety, ready to mend wounds and alleviate concerns, ensuring that every adventure remains not only challenging but, above all, secure.


Not Included

  • Entrance to Ausangate
  • Entrance for hot spring
  • Water bottle
  • Tips


You will need

  • Clothing for cold and rain
  • Waterproof hiking boots
  • Headlamp
  • Backpack
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen


Although no mountaineering experience is required for this Qampa Climbing Trip, you should be in good physical condition and acclimatized (3 days in Cusco). You will need cold weather clothing, and some type of rain protection clothing is recommended. A good pair of waterproof hiking boots is required and will fit with our adjustable crampons.

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