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Movie Review

The movie depicts the biblical story of Mary, Joseph and Jesus’ birth. The film features a number of songs that are upbeat and catchy. The movie is not meant to be taken seriously and has a lot of funny moments. It is perfect for families who want to watch a movie together.

Starring Fiona Palomo & Milo Manheim

This is a light-hearted musical, but it does a great job of highlighting the hope and joy that comes with Christmas. It also helps to show that Joseph and Mary were not perfect, but God still chose them for a very important role.

The flixtor movies film is directed by Adam Anders, a Grammy-nominated music producer who worked on Glee. He co-wrote with Peter Barsocchini, the screenwriter behind the High School Musical movies. The cast features CCM stars like rapper Lecrae as Gabriel and Joel Smallbone of For King & Country as Herod’s son, Antipater. It’s a fun, flamboyant romp that expertly balances the sanctity of the Nativity story with its lighthearted packaging.

Directed by Adam Anders

The story of Jesus’ birth in this movie is told with great music and dance. It also explains what might have happened between Mary and Joseph before their arranged marriage. The Wise Men visit the family after the angel Gabriel confirms Mary’s unbelievable story about being pregnant with God’s son.

The director, Adam Anders, is a Grammy nominee who has worked as the executive music producer for Glee. His co-writer, Peter Barsocchini, has written for a lot of High School Musical movies. Bringing together the story and music masterminds of Glee with CCM stars (rapper Lecrae as the angel Gabriel, For King & Country’s Joel Smallbone as Herod’s son Antipater) and Oscar-winning Antonio Banderas, the movie promises to be good fun.

Written by Adam Anders & Peter Barsocchini

Despite a few clunky jokes, this is a fun frolic into the spiritual story of Jesus. It’s a fresh take on a familiar story and has some good actors in it.

Swedish producer Adam Anders (Glee, High School Musical) makes his directorial debut with this lively song-and-dance rendition of the biblical nativity story. His script, co-written with Peter Barsocchini, chronicles Mary and Joseph’s efforts to add some personal commitment to their arranged betrothal. It also follows a comic version of the Magi (Omid Djalili, Geno Segers and Rizwan Manji) on their quest to worship the newborn Savior.

Christian movies have come a long way since Bob Jones University made them. But this one takes them back to the early aughts with its silliness.

Cinematography by Xavi Gimenez

Xavi Gimenez’s cinematography beautifully captures the rustic charm of biblical settings. The story is told through the eyes of Mary and Joseph, whose enduring love for each other propels them to Bethlehem despite their lack of resources.

The movie is a fun and engaging musical for the whole family. It includes a number of jokes and songs that can make kids giggle. It also includes a recurring character named Antipater, the son of Herod, who shows up throughout the film to search for Jesus in order to kill him.

Although the movie takes some creative license, it still manages to honor the holy message of the Nativity. This is a film that can help families reflect on their own spiritual lives.

Music by Adam Anders & Nikki Anders

The film combines classic Christmas melodies with new pop songs to tell the timeless story of Mary and Joseph, the Three Wise Men, King Herod, and the birth of Jesus. It’s a heartfelt and charming musical twist on a well-known tale, but it lacks the organic character development needed to elevate its message beyond mere entertainment.

Fiona Palomo and Milo Manheim give strong performances as the struggling young couple, while Christian rock star Joel Smallborne (For King and Country) delivers some much-needed comic relief as Herod’s son Antipater. But it’s not enough to compensate for the glaringly obvious misstep of having Mary declare in song that she does not have royal blood, when that is clearly implied by the in-utero recognition of Jesus by John the Baptist.

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This retelling of the Bible story uses modern music and creative license, but it strives to honor the story and its holy message. The result is a movie that’s enjoyable for all audiences, including kids and teens. Joseph is skeptical of Mary’s incredible story, but he soon comes to believe in her. He becomes a protector of the family, protecting them from hostile soldiers and Herod’s son (played by Joel Smallbone of the Christian band For King and Country).

The Wise Men — Balthazar, Gaspar, and Melchior — appear as tradition dictates. They follow the star to Bethlehem, where they meet the baby Jesus and the new family.

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