Is threading your eyebrows good or bad?

Eye brows play an important role in everyone’s beauty whether it’s male or female but it’s more considered as a part of beauty in females. They are important as they shape or define one’s face. They can be changed into many shapes and transformed accordingly. There are some ways to shape the eyebrows but the most effective way is eyebrow threading.

A thin piece of thread is used to remove hair from eyebrows to give them a proper shape. The extra hair is plucked out to make a desired shape.

What is eyebrow threading?

This process requires a thin piece of cotton thread to remove unwanted hair from the eyebrows. It is thin and strong so that each piece of extra hair comes out easily and smoothly without damaging the skin.

This technique was done by several cultures for thousands of years ago but the actual origin of this discovery is unknown. However, this was extensively practiced in India and Iran where women used to do this for beauty purposes. The Chinese women also practiced this and still practicing as they are more concerned about thin eyebrows because they believe thin eyebrows are the sign of beauty.

Nowadays, it has been spread in every culture and used by everyone around the globe for unwanted hair removal.

How is this process done?

Firstly the technician or beautician cleanses your skin area around the eyebrows with a gentle cleanser or alcohol. Then the technician pulls out the unwanted hair by using a thin piece of cotton thread. The process involves pulling out hair from the roots rather than cutting them.

The technician holds the thread between both hands by using both index fingers and thumbs. One end of thread is placed between the teeth and pulled out. The thread is twisted from between to form it into a scissors like shape. This twisted part is placed around the required hair in the opposite direction of hair growth and the thread is moved to pull the hair out.

If the person who is doing this is experienced, then the process takes less than 10 mins to complete. The other way is that the technician holds the knotted thread piece twists it three to four times and place around both index fingers and thumbs and pluck out the hair by help of scissors motion rather placing one end in their teeth. This is known as “butterfly method” and this saves the client from contamination from the technician’s mouth. The client is asked to lie down on the chair and rest their head on the top of the chair. They are asked to stretch their skin with both hands around the brows to make it tight in order to pull the hair easily. One hand is placed on the upper side and the other one is placed on the lower side.

The pain of pulling the hair depends upon the thickness of hair and the quantity of hair growth. Less hair causes less pain and the procedure is faster then.

What are the benefits and downside of eyebrow threading?

As there are pros and cons with every procedure, there are benefits and drawbacks to eyebrow threading too. So let’s have a look on benefits the eyebrow threading gives:

  • It’s a fast process:

As compared to wax and cream, the process of threading is fast. You don’t have to wait for wax to get hot and then getting cool to the applicable temperature. With a great practice, the hairs are removed in seconds.


  • Its less painful:

When compared with waxing, tweezing or cream, the process is less painful. Its fast and removes plenty of hairs in one go so there is little time for your pain receptors in brain to react in between each removal of hair.


  • Its more convenient:

Threaded eyebrows are maintained easily and you only have to visit the technician once in four to six weeks. For one or two strands of hair visible, you can thread yourself at home.


  • Safest method:

Other than doing waxing, tweezing or lasers, it is more safest and convenient method because the practitioner knows exactly which hair to pull out in order to give eyebrows the required and perfect shape. It is natural as no chemicals or invasive techniques are involved that can cause damage to your skin.

One of the dermatologists in New York city also recommended this method to be safe as it doesn’t burn your skin caused by waxing and avoids damage to the skin of patients using retinoids for acne and have sensitive skin.


  • It takes out the hair from the roots:

As compared to tweezing, threading takes out hair from its roots and does not create in grown hair plus safer for all skin types.


What are the drawbacks of threading your eyebrows?

  • It is costly:

It is expensive depending upon the salon you choose to go. Sometimes all the money for salon you spend is just on threading. Big salons cost more. More hair growth in less time costs you more.


  • Skin irritation:

Sometimes there is irritation on the skin after the process. It depends on the hands of the practitioner and the level of thickness and growth of hair of the client. Sometimes there is redness or puffiness especially when your skin is exposed to sun or sweat.


  • Pain:

Obviously there is some amount of pain you feel, again that depends on the practitioner’s hands and the client’s hair growth.


  • A small mistake in pulling out the strand of hair:

If the wrong strands are pulled out accidently, the brow shape is damaged and you have to wait for weeks to grow back hair.


  • Don’t do threading after cosmetic surgery:

Don’t do threading if you have gone through any cosmetic surgery at least for four to six weeks as it will damage your skin.



It’s all about to choose the right practitioner who has a good hand on eye brow threading that causes less pain, no skin damage (uses some soothing cream afterwards to avoid redness), and make the shape perfect so that the client’s face looks clean, tidy and perfect. Also the practitioner doe sthe process efficiently for less pain.

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