Universities are the places where we dream of a better future. Essentially, these years can either make you or break you. Education consultants in Chennai are here with some tips and factors. How to choose your Dream Institute, and How does it affect you? It is crucial to understand whether your goals and interests align with the university. Before getting into much information, let’s understand the ‘WHY’ of it first.

Shortlisting Universities- WHY?

Have you ever scrolled through your favourite OTT platforms? You have no clue what to watch, considering you have so many options. So, how can someone expect an individual to choose their dream institute? This subject gets highlighted because you will spend the crucial days of your life in the same institution. So, a wise decision is the need of an hour. Furthermore, it is essential to shortlist and filter your choices. It helps create more structure, and the whole application process becomes manageable. 

Shortlisting Standards

Now that we have understood why shortlisting universities is a required step in the whole process, let’s discuss the standards by which we can sort out the university in which we have an interest. As mentioned below, there are three standards on which we can base our choices. 

Dream Universities

We all have grown up watching the movies of Karan Johar, where college life is fun. Naturally, these movies provide us with the rush of choosing such colleges. In the early years, the definition of a dream college was unreal. But with time, this definition becomes real and practical. We start to carry some expectations from our college and the life it offers. We want our college to be a place of overall growth.

Best study abroad consultants in Chennai state that dream university provides the best study programs and holds impressive importance. However, getting into your dream university can be difficult. These universities fall outside the reach of an individual. Getting selected is a long shot, but still possible.

Target Universities

Target University is the place where we want to study and feel challenged. No matter what our dream universities might be or however secure we feel with our safe universities, the target university is a bull’s eye that we want to hit and succeed.

These universities are where our academic scores fall in the average score range accepted by the university. And the study programs offered here, the challenging environment, and the values given, everything is perfect. But we should always know that getting into these universities is not as easy as it seems. That’s why you should never be overconfident in this one and give your best attempt to succeed.

Safety Universities

We humans, no matter what, want to feel safe in every situation. Before even trying any task, we decide not to fall. For the same reason, we tend to create a backup option, a safety net.

Similarly, at safety schools, a person’s academic scores should be above the average scores accepted by the university. If that is the case, then selection can seem like a cakewalk. But as we already mentioned, universities should be a place for a student to feel challenged. That’s where advisors like study abroad consultants in Chennai come in place. They help us to choose the right universities and help us throughout this process.

Factors to Consider While Shortlisting

So now that we have discussed what is a dream university, why do we need to shortlist universities before applying? What are some shortlisting standards? Let’s discuss the factors that play a part in helping us choose an ideal institute.


For people to know their strengths, weaknesses, and interests is not an easy task. Because dreams are transitional, not only do they change with time but also with the situations that we are in. On top of this, when asked to choose a study field based on our dreams and areas of interest. Things get difficult! In tough times like this, it is important to consult experts. Education consultants in Chennai provide a personalized career plan based on your interests and strengths. It creates a bandwidth of options for you to select from and allow you to excel at it.


Tough times create a better man, and he creates excellent opportunities. It’s not some random thought or quote. It is the reality of life. Furthermore, if we understand this about the study abroad, we set ourselves on a journey of endless prospects. Since we decide to leave our culture and country, we become an opportunist and aim for chances that can help us grow. In addition, foreign land offers you difficult conditions to live in. And, as explained by the best study abroad consultants of Chennai– Greatness come along the way when you step out of your comfort zone.


Rightly said by someone- Money is the supreme power. It is everything. Expenses are the only factor which is of great importance when choosing to study abroad. It’s not just tuition fees that you have to worry about but also living expenses. In addition to this, how can we forget about the currency difference? When we choose to study abroad, we should always calculate the monetary difference. The paper money value between the country we are going to and the country that we live in. With time, we learn to adjust, but it is a factor to consider.


Human beings are social animals. To survive in this society, we need human connections. Subsequently, when we leave our country to study abroad, we feel lonely. That is why it is significant to choose a location which makes you feel cosy and at peace. In addition, as an international student, you should consider a few other factors before deciding, like: Is the university in the outskirts or centre of the city? How far the train, bus and airport stations are? And, etc. It makes your university life easy and acceptable.

Ranking Scale

Whenever we choose a university in our domain, we search for the ‘Top Universities’. Why do we do that? Because the human brain works in the direction to get the best out of everything. While selecting a college, we state what our future will look like. The best college is directly proportional to the best study courses, better prospects and finest placement chance. Why would someone give up all of that? It is why college rankings play a significant role in shortlisting our dream universities.


In the world that we are living in today, we need money to fulfil our dreams. It is true that every parent dreams of providing their child with the best education that is available. But not everyone can afford that. That’s why educational institutes have designed scholarship programs to help students. And, as an international student, scholarships are your great support. You can always take advice from your consultants, like Education consultants in Chennai. They will guide you throughout the process to make your dreams come true.

Final Word

To conclude, as rightly put by the best study abroad consultants in Chennai, getting into your dream university is not an easy task. You have to go through the intensive research and the application process. So, why not make it a little easier? You can shortlist your universities on the three standards that we read about. It will allow you to direct your energy towards the crucial matters first. And it will let you experience this process hassle-free and in a more structured manner.

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