How to sell your furniture quickly?

Are you moving and not taking everything with you? Do you want to sell furniture to buy new ones and renew your decor? Whatever the context, time is often limited, especially if you lack space to store the furniture you want to get rid of. Selling your second-hand furniture online is the most practical solution for getting rid of it quickly and preventing it from ending up on the sidewalk. How to resell your second-hand furniture? What are the advantages of online sales? How do you go about selling your furniture quickly? Or how you can send it to the scrap buyers in Dubai? Put all the chances on your side by following our advice for selling your furniture quickly.

To sell your furniture quickly, post it online

The advantages of selling second-hand furniture online

Do you want to quickly sell your second-hand furniture because you are moving or need to accommodate a new sofa or fridge? There are several solutions for reselling your second-hand furniture, but if you are in a hurry, we advise you to sell it online.

You can turn to physical sales of second-hand furniture such as flea markets or garage sales, but you will then have to find the event, register for it, wait for it to take place and spend a whole day there. And that’s not all ! You will also need to organize the transport of furniture back and forth with unsold items. An organization that we will happily leave to experts and professionals in the field!

So to succeed in selling your furniture quickly and without too much effort, choose to sell it online instead. Selling your second-hand furniture online has many advantages :

  • Post an ad online in just a few clicks. Discover our guide to the perfect ad.
  • Benefit from high visibility with a wider audience
  • Take advantage of home collection (you will not need to transport your second-hand furniture which can be heavy and bulky).

Responsiveness is essential to successfully sell your furniture quickly

Selling your furniture quickly requires being responsive. This will prevent a sale from passing you by and will make the experience for the buyer much more pleasant. On Used furniture buyers in Dubai, interested people can ask questions directly about your ad. Your response is then visible to everyone. This will avoid having to manage many similar requests and interested people will be able to refer to your previous responses. Taking too long to respond means taking the risk of missing a sale because it may give the interested person the opportunity to give up or find what they are looking for elsewhere. Answer new questions quickly, your responsiveness will be rewarded!

Once the second-hand furniture has been reserved by the buyer on Used furniture buyers in Dubai, you will then need to quickly confirm the availability of your item and choose a 2-hour time slot for collection.If your second-hand furniture is available, the buyer must then confirm the purchase within 24 hours. You can then use the chat to discuss withdrawal methods with the buyer.

As you will have understood, successfully selling your furniture quickly requires a little rigor to post your ad online, courtesy to establish a climate of trust and responsiveness to ensure the sale. Now it’s your turn !

No time, no space, no panic!

Do you need to get rid of some furniture and no longer have time to take care of it? Our Objectif Second Life service is made for you! Apply online by listing the furniture for sale. Used furniture buyers in Dubai makes you a proposal and organizes the collection of the accepted furniture on the chosen date. Our professional movers remove the items upstairs or curbside, store them and list them for sale for you for 30 days.After this deadline, if some of your second-hand furniture is not sold, we donate it to our network of partner associations. Otherwise, 100% of the sale price of the items sold goes to you.

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