How To Clean And Maintain Aluminium Sliding Doors For Longevity?

Aluminium is resistant to corrosion. It becomes easier to maintain aluminium sliding doors in comparison to other types. Although they are low maintenance, they need to be cleaned every few months in a year for a shiny look and to ensure longevity.

Here are simple ways to maintain the doors for a long time:

Use a Suitable Coating

Polyester powder coating on the frames of the aluminium doors helps it retain a long life. The coating colours the structures and provides a protective layer preventing rust and helping in weatherproofing. There are specific coatings for doors in different environments. The coating used in marine environments helps prevent the salty air from corroding the metal.

Clean Twice a Year

Most people do not clean their aluminium frames. For longevity, cleaning at least twice a year is recommended. You can clean the outer part of the frames by giving a gentle sweep around the area. Vacuum to remove debris that can lead to damaging the system. It is vital for bi-fold and sliding aluminium doors.

The residue can accumulate in the track, preventing easy sliding while obstructing the roller. Use a low-maintenance coating on the glass. You don’t have to clean it frequently. Cleaning the system after every six months is good practice. Aluminium is corrosion-resistant, which is excellent for bathrooms and internal pool areas.

Clean Aluminium Sliding Doors Parts Correctly

These doors have various parts that require cleaning. There’s the frame, tracks, and glass. Here is how you clean each of them:

– Frames

Cleaning the aluminium door frame is easy. For great results, you require mild detergent and warm water. Use a sponge, wipe the hinges and frames, and rinse the sponge as you move from one door to another. Remember to change the water and avoid using harsh products and pads on the frames. Doing this might damage the metal shortening its longevity. If there are stubborn stains, rub a quality ink rubber a few times, and the mark will disappear.

– Glass

As you clean and maintain the frame, the glass also needs maintenance. When cleaning, use a microfiber cloth. Go for a glass cleaner that will offer a streak-free finish.

– Tracks

Debris and dirt accumulate in the tracks of your aluminium sliding doors, shortening their lifespan. If it builds up, it prevents the doors from opening and shutting correctly. You can remove them by vacuuming and using a cloth and water to clean the remaining dirt. Additionally, ensure to use a good spray to keep tracks and running gears functioning well.

Grease the Doors

Greasing the hinges, joints, and locking system contributes to the longevity of these doors. You can use a silicone-based lubricant for this purpose. Before putting grease, ensure the joints are dry or use a blower. If you want to beam up the frames further, you can use automotive wax.

The steps above will help you clean and maintain aluminium sliding doors for longevity. It is essential to clean at least twice a year and use a sponge or soft cloth. Ensure while cleaning, you use a mild detergent to protect the coating. Use suitable coating and grease for a longer lifespan. Doing this will ensure the doors serve you for their optimal lifespan.

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