How do you get Rufus software for Mac?

Simply, a bootable USB is a regular USB storage device that has an ISO image of an operating system saved on it. There are many situations where you have to create a USB installation media from an ISO image file, which would need a bootable USB drive. Rufus is one of several programs that lets you create a bootable or Live USB flash drive using an ISO image file. But the question remains: can we get Rufus software for Mac? Let’s solve this question with the best alternative methods! 

Rufus is a free, open-source, and portable software that is specially designed to create or format bootable USB flash drives quickly. But it is still a question, is Rufus software for Mac versions available now? Here we hope to give the complete answer to this question for Rufus users. So, read this article at the end! 

Everything you need to know about Rufus

Rufus is tiny in size, but it amazingly has everything you need as far as the above are concerned. Meanwhile, Rufus is the best bootable USB creation tool in the world. When your PC crashes or could not boot into Windows, then Rufus will be a great method as it can create a bootable USB for OS installation in a super easy way. But you might be wondering, can I use  Rufus software for Mac? Let’s see the real answer to this question in the following section.

Rufus is a completely free, portable, and cross-platform utility that provides the best platform to create bootable USB flash drives. But Rufus is designed for only the Windows platform. So, download Rufus for Mac does not exist yet. Then, we have to find out the best method to get Rufus on your Mac device.

How does Rufus make your work easier?

  • It can create a USB installation media from bootable ISOs (Windows, Linux, UEFI, etc.)
  • Properly work on a system that doesn’t have an OS installed
  • Flash a BIOS or other firmware from DOS
  • Run a low-level utility

Rufus is a super powerful tool for creating bootable USB flash drives easily. So, maybe we can keep hope for Rufus for Mac 2023 version. Still, we can use some great alternative methods. 

What is a bootable USB drive? – For beginners

Before using Rufus, you know what a bootable USB drive is. At present, we can use a USB bootable disk as a rescue disk when the operating system is not booting due to OS exploitation or drive failure. Windows USB bootable drives are also used as the portable operating system so it is not limited to that. Meanwhile, you can carry out your own Windows operating system on a USB drive, plugging it into any computer.

Great alternative methods for Rufus software for Mac

Just as I mentioned below, there is still no Mac version for Rufus. But if you want to use Rufus Mac download for free on your Mac device, I can introduce well-known methods for you. According to my experience, here are the most famous alternative methods for Rufus.

  1. Use the virtual machine to install Rufus software for Mac
  2. Use alternatives for Rufus

What is the virtual machine method?

This is the newest method for both beginners and experts. Maybe you heard about this virtual machine method and tried it out. Meanwhile, this is a better method to run Windows on a Mac device by creating a virtual machine. Using this method, you can directly install Rufus software for Mac hassle-free. But this is a bit of a complex process so you need technical knowledge to do this process. 

Step guide to using this virtual machine method

  1. Download VMare Fusion Player 
  2. Create a virtual machine to install Windows; Download the ISO image file from Microsoft’s official website to install Windows, and get the ISO image for Windows 10 and 11
  3. Now, click the “Continue” button to create a virtual machine
  4. Here you are ready to Windows on VMare Fusion Player
  5. Now you have installed Windows on your Mac system. Finally, you can easily download and install Rufus 2023 download for Mac after downloading it

Top alternatives for Rufus


When it says Rufus for Mac alternatives, we remember the first BalenaEtcher. If you want the tool to have the same features as Rufus, you can use this amazing utility. This is the best tool for your Mac device. And you can use this tool for Mac, Linux, and Ubuntu platforms as well. 


  • Free app and open-source
  • Create a bootable USB from Linux ISO and macOS DMG image
  • Constantly updated for the bug fix
  • It has a very user-friendly and intuitive interface


  • Windows ISO is not available


This is a well-known utility for creating bootable USB flash drives easily and safely. Like Rufus, you can use UNetbootin freely, safely, and for any device. And the best thing is that this tool is specially designed to work with Linux and it can run an operating system live on a USB flash drive. 


  • Great for various types of ISO images
  • Download ISO Linux using UNetbootin
  • Open-source application and work with any device platform without any doubt
  • Don’t need to worry about safety
  • A standalone app without any installation


  • Cannot create a bootable USB from the latest Windows 10/11 versions
  • Old-style User Interface makes your work slow


This is a powerful and fastest alternative for Linux, macOS, or Windows. 


  • Flexible than other alternatives 
  • Properly works on Mac OS devices
  • No need to install any special software


  • Not user-friendly for beginners


In conclusion, you can use a bootable USB for booting all versions of Windows, OSX, and a few Linux versions. This is the biggest improvement for the bootable device and moves forward  from bootable CDs and bootable DVDs. The process of creating a bootable USB varies from one platform to another. So, Rufus is the best tool for creating bootable USB flash drives using an ISO image file. But the problem is that it only works with Windows devices. That’s why we discussed this Rufus software for Mac alternative methods. 

Rufus is the best for creating bootable USB flash drives. So, keep hope for Rufus for Mac latest version download in the near future! 

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