How can Custom Retail Packaging Transform your Brand Identity

Professional custom retail packaging suppliers can help make this job much easier.


Creating an exceptional experience for your customers extends beyond the purchasing process; it even goes into the packaging and delivery of your products arriving at their house. Although the sales conversion has already been made, this stage of your customer journey provides the opportunity to make them become return customers or even start advocating for your brand. Achieving these results shows your marketing is working well together from the first impressions. Yet, many businesses don’t always think as much about product packaging as other marketing campaigns, design features, or strategies. This misses the chance to promote and define your brand by creating links between visuals and your business. In this article, we’ll discuss how custom retail packaging transforms your brand identity.

What is custom retail packaging?

Depending on whether your customer is purchasing a product in-store or online, the retail packaging they interact with, may vary. In-store packaging protects the item during transit and communicates important information and instructions to the user. It also makes the product appealing to customers from a shelf, encouraging them to pick it up and buy it. It may also include the bags, customers get to carry their items.

Online packaging also includes designing and using branded boxes or envelopes. These tend to focus more on showing your brand and adding to the customer experience once the product is delivered. In this way, different elements of your packaging require varying approaches to customizing them, ensuring they serve their purpose and present a unified appearance across your packaging. Successful packaging will define and promote your brand. Customers interact with your brand through its packaging, so consider how your packaging represents your brand.

Transformation of Brand Identity by Custom Retail Packaging

As you design your packaging, remember what it’s saying about your brand. Although explicitly, it may share your brand information and add to your image, the attention shown to your packaging can also show what matters to your business. You can’t claim to be a high-quality brand if your packaging isn’t or care about the customer experience but not create an exceptional one when they unbox their delivered products.

Your packaging should be authentic to your brand, highlighting who it is as a business. This may take several designs and prototypes to get your packaging right, learning from the process what makes your brand image and what areas of your packaging and its sustainability are most important. However, once you create your custom retail packaging, this can market your brand further and build ongoing customer relationships with your buyers. To help you find the design that defines your brand, use the following seven tips to consider various aspects of creating your packaging.

  1.       Measure your dimensions.
  2.       Design inside and out.
  3.       Link to your brand.
  4.       Consider the quality.
  5.       Make unboxing an experience.
  6.       Advertise.
  7.       Test with prototypes.

The successful companies know that attractive and innovative retail packaging is an excellent way to grub consumers’ attention, develop a connection with their customer, and increase brand loyalty. Your brand’s custom retail packaging can build an instant connection with the customer at the point of sale, creating an experience from the moment they put your product into their cart. If this feels like a major undertaking, that’s because it is! But the professionals at The Custom Boxes are here to help…

The Proof is in Custom Retail Packaging

Customers look forward to innovative packaging and desire a fun unpackaging experience that feels more personalized and exciting. 80% of consumers have stated that their purchase intent increases for businesses offering personalized experiences. It can easily be done through custom retail packaging that is thoughtful and exclusive to your brand.

The world of custom premium packaging has undergone a massive transformation, thanks to digital and technological innovations. These days, there are more sustainable materials to choose from, new holographic colors to get creative with, and fun recyclable alternatives.

Pro Tips for Custom Retail Packaging to Transform your Brand Identity

Understand Your Competitors:

Before you start working on your packaging, conduct an audit of your industry and what your competitors are currently doing. What images, shapes, colors, or brand assets are they using? Find out what’s trending. Identify which marketing tactics have worked for them and which ones have not.

This intel will allow you to create a comprehensive strategy for your brand. You’ll want the final design will be unique and something that your target audience has never seen before.

Know Your Customers:

While having your finger on the pulse of your competitors is important, knowing your customers is also critical. Who are your customers? What do they want? How do they use the product? These are all important considerations when choosing custom retail packaging geared toward your target market. Also consider the consumer’s values and speak to those if they’re relevant to your brand.

Often, packaging is repurposed for storage or organization around the house. Apple’s product packaging isn’t seldom thrown away because it is aesthetically pleasing. Knowing how customers treat your package post usage can help you use packaging that will stay with the customer long-term!

Consider The Entire Experience:

From the unboxing to product use, packaging is important across the customer’s entire journey with your product. You need to think about typography, color schemes, necessary information, and graphics. It’s important to understand and anticipate how it will look on a shelf or online on a screen.

Perfect custom retail packaging will only come with a deep understanding of your company’s values. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and determine what purpose the packaging should seek to fulfill. The answer to that question will help guide you throughout the process.

Catch The Customer’s Attention:

With many products to choose from, on-shelf or via e-commerce, your brand needs to stand apart from the rest. Choosing bold colors, bright, big, and contrasting typography, as well as the shape of the package, will influence the customer’s attention and purchase decision.

72% of customers claim they have picked up products because they liked the packaging. Also, remember in the social media age, whatever grabs attention gets shared and talked about!

Final Thoughts

There are many options of retail packaging supplies and it can be a problem to figure out the best one. Professional custom retail packaging suppliers can help make this job much easier. Working with a professional team like The Custom Boxes, will help you tranform your brand identity in the industry as ,we have many years of experience across many industries all over the United States.

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