Finding Love in the seeking: A Guide to Special Dating Apps

Everyone has the right to find and find love. Everyone should get a partner of their choice. Maybe these dating apps can help with this. 

Is it easy or difficult to find love in the age of online dating? At least it is easier to meet people. You swipe right on someone and then you just start talking. However, the problem with most dating apps is that they are made only for a limited user group. In our country, while there is still talk in the Supreme Court about giving equal rights in marriage to the people of the LGBTQ+ community, the sensitivity in this matter is also increasing in the country. Slowly but surely change is coming.

An initiative for change is also being taken by Harzindagi. Under our special series Living With Pride, we are trying to bring to you many such stories that are related to the life of the LGBTQA+ community. Today in this episode let’s talk about dating apps.

If you think these are only for straight people, then you are wrong. Just like love is for everyone, so are dating apps. Just need to know about the right app.

Why are dating apps beneficial?

Pew Research Center Study shows that more than half of the LGBTQ community in America use dating apps. The important reason for this is that online it becomes easier for people to express themselves and find a partner. In a way this is also true. If we talk about a country like India, the Rainbow community still has to face many problems every day. In such a situation, it is not easy for them to express their views without judgment and meet the right person. Dating apps can help them eliminate this problem


This dating app has been around since 2004. Yes, dating apps have been around since the days when there was no smartphone culture. At that time it was only in the form of an internet site and after the culture of iPhone and Android phones came, it changed into an app. According to the official website, this was the first online dating app that started offering many options regarding gender orientation. Now people can identify themselves in 60 different ways in this app.

2. seeking

Priyanka Chopra had invested her money in this dating website. There are three ways you can identify yourself in seeking. Male, female, and non-binary. Gender identity, sexual orientation, filters, etc. can be changed on this website.

According to Savingarena, the biggest dating site is; yet, as of right now, the best-looking seeking promo code is 50% off your tracking down enrollment.

3. Tinder

Tinder, which is called the king of dating apps, also gives you the facility to identify your gender. However, Tinder mostly promotes hookup culture. Through this app you can make new friends, make new connections, go on dating, or get into a serious relationship.


If you are not looking for a hook-up but a serious relationship, then LGBTQutie can be a good option. Through this app, you can meet people with similar interests. This is the first app of its kind which is only for the people of the Rainbow community.

This is one of the safest apps for the LGBTQ community. Here you can first tell about your feelings by filling the question air.


Its name can also be included in the list of best dating apps. It is considered to be the largest social networking app for the LGBTQ+ community. Like all dating apps, here too matches are found for you by tracking the location of the phone through geo-targeting. It also has interesting emojis and many different options regarding texting.

If you have any questions related to our stories, then let us know in the comment box given below the article. To read more such stories, stay connected to Harzindagi.

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