Ergonomics and the Home Office : Take Control Of Your Work Related Health

As the world readjusts to the post COVID-19 working environment, most office employees in particular have been found to be working from home.

Although there are many of those who work from home who just use their homes as an office without making any changes, there are plenty of others who have set up ‘home offices’ to the best of their abilities or capacity based on the space they have at home and of course budget.

This has led to the topic of ‘the home office’ becoming a hot issue that involves discussions about suitable office furniture, space allocations, ergonomics and comfort.

There are a load of publications that provide advice on how to set-up an ideal home office that generally insist on ergonomic office desks, ergonomic office chairs, ergonomic this and that which fail to take into consideration the realities of the subject which mainly revolves around the fact that not many people have the luxury to establish a home office in their homes due to space or budget constraints.

For most, the dining room table normally doubles as an office, for some it is their attic; other may use their living rooms or the kitchen. Most probably have a chair that could be deemed as being mildly comfortable to sit on other might just use a beanie bag or even the sofa which is anything, but ergonomic.

In this post pandemic era, many are still working from home due to a wide variety of reasons and among them are the fact that employers have come to realize that employees are more productive when they work from home.

However, there are issues that most who work from home who do not realize that they will be facing if they were to continue to work from home by making do with whatever that is available to them, these issue include muscular aches and pains, stiffness in the neck, shoulders and lower back and difficulties in concentrating attributed to the various distractions that take place in a regular home with kids around and temptations to do other things like the desire to watch Netflix or even sleeping.

The last paragraph of this article will provide some tips to get the ball rolling towards establishing a functional home office that factors in ergonomic office furniture.

First and foremost, it is important to establish a spot within the home, the ‘spot’ must have just the enough space to place a desk that is large enough to place a computer screen, keyboard and mouse and preferably with enough desk space to write.

Then, include an ergonomic office chair which undoubtedly is the best ergonomic element that one can adopt.  These are the primary things that you require to establish a basic home office’ and although it is only basic, it does wonders for your physical health.

The other plus factor about working from home is the fact that individuals are allowed to move about in their home regularly and it is important to get ‘away’ from the chair every hour for about 5 or 10 minutes to maintain good blood circulation.

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