Corsair Fans and the Types You Must Know in 2023

Corsair is a famous name among fans and stuff for any PC lover. This company makes absolute legendary fans for the systems you use. So, in many years, it is obvious they made so many of them to fit any machine. So, there can be a few types of Corsair fans to look at or choose from. 

A fan is probably the most chill component in the CPU case because every single one of them needs fantastic flow. Now, for this, this blog will just tell you what these types are so you can go to Corsair and know exactly what you will be picking up.

RGB Fans

Corsair is an expert at fans, so they have joined hands with the new RGB trend, too. Basically, there is a colorful LED in it, which will change, and it will give you a pattern. You can make it red. You can make it green, basically, any color you want to set the vibe. You can put in any random combination to make everything look superb.

But still, you’ll see a few kinds here:

– iCUE LINK QX120 & QX140 are the 120, 140mm kind of fans with quite a power inside. You can put up 12 fans, all in sequence and lighting with each other.

– The iCUE SP120 Elite and the ML120 Elite are just the 120mm kind, but they pack a high punch in the blade and bearings. So it’s very smooth and airy.

– iCUE QL120 is again a 120mm kind of RGB fan. But it has the unique double loops and 34 LEDs for a really awesome lighting show.

Slim Fans

Now, these slim ones are for a smaller kind of machine or a PC rig someone has. So, with these best Corsair fans, you don’t waste a lot of space, and it just fits. Like the RGB ones, these slim ones also have a few you can see:

– Now, there is an RGB and a non-RGB version of AF120. Both of these, as the names suggest, have a 120mm fan, and the thing about them is that it’s actually durable.

– The famous Air Series also has a 120mm in it with a nice LED color.

Elite Fans

Elite fans are known to be the top-class kind of Corsair Fans for the total PC freaks. It comes with the aesthetic. It comes with the cooling and whatever you need.

– iCUE AF140 RGB is a 140mm fan, or you can say a dual fan. Plus, RGB on it, too, with all the fancy bearings and air.

– SP120 is again 120mm but with a kick on its amazing delivery because of something called rubber dampers and quality blades.

– ML140 and ML120 LED are both from the Elite class. They especially come to you with low noise and a very high flow, so the best of both.


Now, Corsair fans are known everywhere, and almost every PC company knows it too. But to get these fans and the quality, you need to make a choice. So follow whatever we have for you and make the right choice when you are going for your best Corsair fan.

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