Choose Between Two Precious And Expensive Stones – Diamond or Ruby

Imagine someone gives you a option choosing between chocolate or ice cream? Tough choice isn’t it? Choosing between your two most adored, favourite or beautiful elements or things become tricky sometimes that’s what same happens with these two gemstones -Diamond and Ruby. Both of the gems are unique and beautiful in there own ways! They are the most popular gemstone present in realm of gemstone jewelry.

Diamond since their discovery, are considered to be the most valuable gemstone on the planet. Diamond being more expensive than Ruby still the divine beauty of Ruby steals the heart of the people. Now, what if I ask you which one will you add in your closet to add more charm , beauty and shine to your personality ? Which one will you choose? If you want to figure out these questions here in this blog we will let you know some major differences of diamond and Ruby .

What is diamond?

Diamonds are by far, the most precious gemstone on the planet. Its basically a solid form of pure carbon. Besides, it is also the strongest, with a Mohs scale level of almost 10. Diamond jewelry is prised for its rarity and high value. It usually come in transparent to translucent level of clarity.

Diamonds are basically mined all over the world. Noticeable places being South Africa, Russia, Brazil and Congo.

What is Ruby?

Ruby is made of the mineral corundum, which ranges in colour from blood red to pinkish-red (aluminium oxide).Ruby is the second hardest gemstone and one of the most well-known and prized jewels in the world of traditional jewellery. In addition to rubies, other well-known and ancient gemstones include diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds, which are known as the classic cardinal stones. Ruby is derived from the Latin word ruber, which specifically means red.

Red is also a colour associated with compassion and love. The amount of chromium in ruby gives it its colour. Ruby is a gemstone that many people adore because it is so lovely and gorgeous.

Let’s Come to the Point

In most cases, diamonds tend to be more valuable (in terms of cost) than ruby So, does that make diamonds rare than ruby?

And if that would be the case, then does rarity has got a direct connection with price?

Here is a simple and short answer for it

Simple economics. The value and rarity of any gemstone directly relates to its demand and supply. Having said that, both diamonds and ruby are available in abundance. At least as much to fulfill the demand of customers. So is the case with precious diamonds.

So, does that mean both ruby and diamonds are on the same page of rarity?

Well, absolutely not.

In the Manufacturer and supplier of handmade jewelry, even the lowest-quality diamonds would price you more than the high-quality ruby. But high-quality ruby are rare to find as compared to the best quality Ruby.

On the other hand, fine-quality rubies that exceeds one carat in their overall weight are usually rare an difficult to find. That’s the main reason that why they tend to be this much high on price.

Size of the gemstones

As fare as clarity is concerned, presence of inclusions can indeed surge up the beauty of the gemstone.

In this regard, ruby can be amongst your potential choice as they have slight and thin minerals with rutile inclusions trapped within its crystals

But on the other hand diamond plays the a precise roles in the terms of clarity as they just stand out the crowd , their beauty and shine is adored by everyone and that sharpness and eye-catching appreance is totally unmatchable.

Hardness Level

Gemstone Hardness resistance to scratches and abrasions.

The hardness of the gemstones is measure on Mohs scale between 0 to 10 and diamond being the hardnest and toughest of all ranks 10 on it while rubies and all the other gemstones as sapphires rand 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

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Though both the gemstones are beautiful and divine in their own way also the strongest but diamond still a bit harder than the rubies.

And it’s rightly side a diamond can scratch a daimond.


Choosing between the two most beautiful and elegant gemstones becomes kind of tricky sometimes but a wiser choice would what you adore the most and suits your personality more, for much such amazing facts on what to choose and what not visit to @rananjayexports and get your perfect gemstone.

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