7 Best Point-And-Click Horror Video Games

These are the best examples of point-and-click games, which are still popular, especially in the horror field.

There are subgenres within the wonderfully scary field of horror that help fans figure out which parts they like best and which ones they want to avoid. Some sub-genres are based on the art style, themes, or content of the game, while others are based on how the game is played.

The classic point-and-click method may have come about because technology in games wasn’t as good as it is now, but game developers now use it in new and interesting ways. Point-and-click games aren’t just a thing of the past. They keep user interfaces (UIs) looking clean, give gamers easy-to-use controls, and let players look at every small detail of a game’s art while looking for clues (while sneaking in a few good scares). Here are some of the best point-and-click scary games that you can play.

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