5 reasons why you should study Law

Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pain to bring it to light. (George Washington)

It’s quite difficult to represent the truth. You have to isolate yourself from the corrupted society to stand for justice, support the rights of the victim, and punish the guilty. Lawyers are the first line of defense against illegality who make sure to always stand by innocents. The legal profession incorporates the code of laws in practical life to navigate through the maze of justice as a guiding light. In this post, we will discuss the details of law as a subject as well as the reasons to study law.

What is Law as a subject?

In literal context, “Law” is defined as a code of conduct that is prescribed by a dominating authority as a binding custom of a society. Law is an extensive field that deals with the study of rules, regulations, and principles that govern the foundation of any legitimate society. It is a discipline that interprets the system of rules and regulations that apply to national or international forums. It is a skeleton for maintaining peace, protecting individual rights, and inhibiting the spread of violence across a region. Law has been the most viable career option for students to pursue as it offers a meaningful life ahead and gives them a chance to contribute to the well-being of society.

Why need to study law?

You need to have a persuasive guide to convince you to choose any field as a career. If you are indecisive or confused regarding opting for the field then go through the following 5 reasons why you should study law and become a lawyer;

1. Create a change in society:

The life of society is a struggle for law. The code of laws is the only backup support for the lawyer when he argues to win his case. We are bound under the code of ethics and are prescribed with particular restrictions in every aspect of life; as a student, employees, managers, officers, and teachers. Our regular functionality is enclosed under a set of regulations that can be broken, unfollowed, and changed. A lawyer has the responsibility to restore the balance of the society and defend the rights of people. If there is domestic violence in a household, or a contract is breached by a party or a group is involved in money laundering or the landlord is suppressing the rights of the tenants. All these cases are presented to the lawyer who brings the case to a judge.

Studying law hands over you the authority to make a change in society by punishing the culprits and conserving the rights of the oppressed. The fulfillment of the job from your end will make sure the industrial organizations keep working according to the imposed laws. This will eventually contribute to the development of a prospering community.

2. Clear Career path:

The other reason why is studying law good is that it helps the students to opt for a clear career path. The legal studies student will have a bright future if he chooses law as a profession. A lawyer is a well-paid profession as they are worthy of charging a hefty amount for their specialized knowledge and expertise. No matter in which areas of Law you have specialized, lawyers always have the privilege of enjoying the highest salaries in the country along with bonuses and other facilities. The average salaries of the lawyers in UK start from £50,000 to £68,700 per year. Law professors in the USA earn between $105,000 and $200,000 a year which is a considerably fascinating income. So if you want to pursue a career that brings financial stability, studying law must be your utmost priority.

3. Respect and good reputation:

It’s a fact that law is the most glamorized profession in our society. The conversation about any lawyer always pricked up our ears and drew our attention. A lawyer has a charismatic personality that attracts people. A lawyer in a community of 100 people gets prestige and honor as he is the most respectful man in the community. Everyone knows the challenges of being a lawyer and the endless efforts behind it. As such, the job comes with a hefty amount of fame and glory attached. So, if you want to have a good reputation and a dignified name, studying law is the best way to achieve it.

4. Secure your job:

Lawyers unlike other professionals never run out of jobs which means they will not be wandering to earn money. There are many fluctuations seen if you opt the other career paths for example in the recent years of the pandemic, about tens of millions of people lost their jobs. Unemployment remained high in 2020. The industries shut down and the engineers run out of their jobs. The schools that could afford shifted to an online mode of learning while the schools in the underdeveloped areas closed. Consequently, the teachers and professors lost their jobs. In contrary to this, the lawyers have been able to work from home as the judiciary and justice system never ceases to function. It must continue to work all the time. Now that you have studied law and have opted for law as a profession. Let’s take a deep breath and congratulations for now you have entered in a recession-proof career.

5. Make yourself confident:

Lawyers have a duty to protect the law ethically and to pursue justice for anyone who has been harmed or oppressed. Our society is woven with the significance of this job. As a result, it is crucial that law schools foster the professional abilities necessary for their graduates to succeed as lawyers.  These professional abilities include things like teamwork and collaboration, self-direction and initiative, and cultural competency. Empirical research has shown that legal firms place a high priority on these three professional abilities when it comes to hiring and promoting employees.( C Christensen, 2019).

Law subject is although tough but it teaches various skills to students to make them high-potential candidates in their final years. As you enter your career as a lawyer you need to deal with different people in every aspect of your life using your competency and expertise that you have learned during your student life. A lawyer is armed with organizational and analytical skills, time management, persuasive communication skills, and research and technical skills. These skills give superpowers to speak confidently, to convey your ideas and thoughts to other people, to raise your voice against injustice, and to represent the rights of the oppressed. As a lawyer, you will find yourself equipped with many capabilities that distinguish you from others. So, if you lack confidence but have the ability you must study law to spark up the skills you possess.

How long do you need to study Law?

To pursue law as a profession, students must complete undergraduate and postgraduate programs and pass the bar exam. Lawyers spend generally seven years in law college. After high school, students are enrolled in the bachelor’s program which is for 4 years. Then they go for a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree, which generally comprises of 3 years of further study. The graduates are then required to conduct legal research by submitting their legal writing which is called a law thesis statement. The prospective lawyers then appear in the state’s bar exam. Once they pass the exam, the lawyers then apply for a license to get a unique job.

Most students find the thesis the biggest hurdle in their entire journey but they can seek help from the services that assist in completing the law thesis statements. There are various law thesis topics on which the law students are supposed to write.

Generally, the students write their law thesis on topics related to business. The students select their thesis title about business that conveys the main objective of the content. Here are the examples of the most common business-related topics on which the law thesis is written;

  • The verbal and non-verbal agreements in the contract laws.
  • Domestic and international commercial laws of a few countries.
  • The role and significance of termination agreement in business transactions.
  • The role and application of business wills in the translation of the businesses.

Reputed Universities of Law in the UK:

Formerly known as the College of Law, the University of Law is a profit-based private institution in the United Kingdom. Good for them—getting that money. Like any reputable law school, their goal is to help you improve your abilities and get ready for the day when you’ll be a legal superhero saving the day.

Glasgow University is one of the top 8 law schools in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1451, this is a public research university. Its ranking as the fourth-oldest university in the world is an interesting information about it. It is one of the most valuable resources of Scotland. (bestassignmentwriter, 2019).

The Core Message:

If you are juggling to opt for the field that brightens up your career then you should definitely choose law. If you are still confused then go through the above content again to review the reasons why law is the best career choice. The steps mentioned above to complete a law degree from college are the ultimate guideline for students. The superficial detail about the prestigious law universities in the UK is a bonus for the readers.


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