3 Handy Tips To Buy A Caftan Dress To Complement Your Beauty

If you want to slip into something breezy and comfortable, Caftan may be your first choice. Caftan style originated from the garments of the Mesopotamian era when ‘robes’ and ‘tunics’ were the two essential outfits worn by people. Since then, Caftan has traveled the globe and has picked up novel styles and designs. People from cultures spanning the world wear this piece of garment by mixing and matching it with a variety of bottom wear. Caftan’s free-flowing pattern has a noticeable resemblance to the Bohemian trend.

When to Wear A Caftan?

You can wear a maxi Caftan dress at any time. Wear it as beachwear, casual outfit, or evening party attire. Normally, people wear caftan during hot days of summer since it’s the perfect outfit to keep the scorching heat at bay! 

Tips To Choose A Fitting Caftan

Choose the right size: Though Caftan seems to be a standard-size attire, this is not the case. You shouldn’t apply the thumb rule of ‘one size fits all’ to this dress because, in caftans, one should pick the right size akin to any other dress. Another thing that must be examined is that a caftan must fall freely on the body, so you must not choose a tight-fitting one.

Choose the right print and colors:  Choosing the right print and color is a must-consider factor while purchasing any outfit. However, you should be extra careful while buying exclusive attire, like a maxi caftan dress. The best recommendation is to always purchase caftans in bright colors and lovely prints that will embellish your overall persona. Moreover, keeping in mind the occasion is also a valuable tip that you can follow. For instance, if you pick a caftan dress for regular wear, choose natural tones and colors. On the flip side, if you are going on a vacation, choose something bright, vibrant, and fun to capture the best click.

Choose the right fabric: While selecting a Caftan, it is also crucial to choose a fitting material. Opt for fabrics like Cotton, Silk, Georgette, Chiffon, etc. that are the favorite choice of many. You can pick Silk Kaftan if going to a special occasion or an event because it exhibits class and elegance. Just the opposite, fabrics like Chiffon and Georgette will work great for attire that you will adorn on vacations. You can also go for materials based on your budget. Choose Cotton Caftans that are affordable yet comfortable and come in fashionable patterns.

The Sum Up

There is a great demand for caftan dresses that have made them apt for any occasion both formal and casual. With a wide variety of styles and prints of caftans available in the market, caftans have not only remained simply beachwear. On the contrary, you can wear a caftan dress for a party, which is heavily embellished and comes with varied necklines. You can go to an online store to browse through the varied collection of caftan dresses that will be the perfect party attire, beachwear, or a casual outfit when going to grocers.


Can I wear a maxi caftan dress for formal occasions?

Yes, maxi caftan dresses can be styled elegantly for various formal events.

How do I care for my maxi caftan dress?

Check the care label, but most can be machine-washed or hand-washed for easy maintenance.

Are maxi caftan dresses suitable for all body types?

Yes, the loose and flowing silhouette of maxi caftan dresses complements various body shapes beautifully.

Can I wear a maxi caftan dress in different seasons?

Maxi caftans are versatile and can be styled for both warm and cooler seasons.

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