10 Most Rewarding Side Quests In Tears of the Kingdom

Link has a lot to do in Tears of the Kingdom, and these side quests are the most enjoyable and rewarding to finish.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is like its predecessor, Breath of the Wild, in that it has a big, open world called Hyrule that is full of different kinds of people. Even if you only do the main story, there’s still a lot to do in the game. There are also a lot of side quests and goals that players might not even come across during their playing.

Some of these possible side quests will even give players extra benefits if they are brave enough to try them out. Side quests are important if you want to spend a lot of time playing Tears of the Kingdom. They can lead to secret game features, bigger worlds, and even unique weapons and armor.

Hestu’s Concerns

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One thing that comes back in Breath of the Wild is the appearance of Hestu, a big Korok who will trade Korok seeds for more bows, weapons, or shields for Link. In Tears of the Kingdom, this concept is turned into a side quest called “Hestu’s Concerns,” in which you must find Hestu in Hyrule and give him a Korok seed in exchange.

After finishing the side quest, players can continue to add to their collection by giving more and more Korok seeds. This is especially helpful later in the game, when players will want to stock up on weapons to fight bosses that are much harder and spend time exploring the dark Depths, where powerful monsters live.

Serenade To A Great Fairy

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In Tears of the Kingdom, the Great Fairies that were all over Hyrule in Breath of the Wild are back and offer to improve Link’s armor in exchange for rare items. There are four different Great Fairies to awaken, but the first one players must find is at the Woodland Stable, where they can accept the quest “Serenade to a Great Fairy.”

Link must have been asked by the Lucky Clover Gazette to look into sightings of Zelda at different farms in Hyrule before he could start this quest. At the Woodland Stable, Link must join up with a musical group and help them get to the Great Fairy Fountain and play music to wake up the Great Fairy Tera, who will now offer to improve Link’s armor.

A Deal With The Statue

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For this strange side quest, players have to check out Lookout Landing, which is one of the first places they can go in the game. To get to “A Deal with the Statue,” players must first save Rito Village as part of the “Regional Phenomena” major quest. After that, they’ll be able to get into a maze of caves below Lookout Landing where they hear a strange voice.

By following the voice, players will find an evil statue that will offer to trade a Heart Container for a Stamina Vessel, or vice versa, for rupees. This is helpful for players who need a life or stamina boost for certain parts of Funny Shooter 2, like when Link needs to use two whole wheels of stamina to get the Master Sword back.

Hateno Research Lab

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After helping Josha with his quest in Lookout Landing, which takes players to the Depths for the first time, players will finally help Robbie fix up his hot air balloon. Robbie goes back to the Hateno Village Research Lab to continue his work on the Purah Pad now that this is fixed. Players can improve their Purah Pad in a number of ways by doing a few jobs.

Robbie sells upgrades for the Purah Pad, such as a tracker that can find Shrines, a Travel Medallion that lets players set up their own fast-travel points, and a Hero’s Path mode that shows where Link has been in Hyrule. Each of these needs its own side quests to be upgraded, but they are all worth it for serious players.

Misko’s Treasure

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There are several “Misko’s Treasure” side quests in Tears of the Kingdom that give Legend of Zelda fans some pretty good prizes. The “Misko’s Treasure” quests are given by different people in Hyrule, but the treasures can still be found even if you don’t do each task.

Some of the prizes for finding “Misko’s Treasure” are pieces of Armor sets, such as the Fierce Deity outfit, the Tingle set, and the Link’s Awakening HD set, which are all from previous Zelda games. Some of the other prizes from “Misko’s Treasure” are useful armors like Rubber Armor or Climbing Gear that will help Link explore Hyrule.

A New Champion’s Tunic

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The home of Princess Zelda is in Hateno Village, where players can read her diaries. This shows that Zelda has a new and better version of Link’s famous blue Champion’s Tunic hidden in the throne room of Hyrule Castle. When the side quest “A New Champion’s Tunic” is active, players will have to face Hyrule Castle.

By finishing the quest and getting the new Champion’s Tunic, players will have a pretty strong chest piece for their weapons. But players will need to get scales from the Light Dragon in order to level it up one. For this, they will have to finish the geoglyph quest that Impa gave them, which has its own rewards.

Mattison’s Independence

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People who played Breath of the Wild for a long time might remember doing side quests that helped build Tarrey Town. By Tears of the Kingdom, Tarrey Town is still doing well, even though people are having problems with their own lives. This leads to the side quest “Mattison’s Independence,” in which players must make up with Mattison’s father, Hudson.

Even though the quest itself only gives 200 rupees, players will finally be able to use many services in Tarrey Town. Mattison’s mother, Rhondson, can now be talked to as part of the side quest “Home on Arrange.” She can help Link build a house. Link will also be able to do other side quests all over Tarrey Town to learn more about the people who live there.

Infiltrating The Yiga Clan

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The Yiga Clan from Breath of the Wild comes back in Tears of the Kingdom. They are a big part of many tasks in Tears of the Kingdom. One of the more important ones is “Infiltrating the Yiga Clan,” which requires Link to find pieces of the Yiga Clan’s weapons all over Hyrule in order to get into their hideout.

All over Hyrule, you can find these armor pieces in different places. The chest piece is in Akkala, the legs are near Korok Forest, and the mask is close to Lake Hylia. Once players have successfully infiltrated the Yiga Clan, they will have access to shops, a room for building vehicles, and a task that will give them a new attack and the Lightning Helm.

Ruffian-Infested Village

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To start the “Ruffian-Infested Village” quest, players must find Rozel and Bolson near Lurelin Village. Rozel and Bolson will complain that monsters have taken over their town. Once Link accepts the quest, it is up to him to get rid of the monsters so that the place can be rebuilt. How hard this fight is will depend on how far along the players are in their journey.

By finishing “Ruffian-Infested Village,” players will be able to take on other side quests that let them help Lurelin Village get back to how it used to be. Lurelin Village has a shop where you can buy parts for monsters, an inn where you can heal your heart, and locals who will sometimes give Link extra fish or treasure that they find.

A Call From The Depths

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Some players may go to the Great Plateau early on in Tears of the Kingdom because it reminds them of old games. There, they’ll find that the Goddess Statue in the Temple of Time Ruins gives a hint for players to explore the Depths below the Great Plateau. This will send people on a long journey through the Depths, using Zonai tech to get around.

If players go in the right direction, they will finally find a huge statue of a Bargainer. This statue will give players an extra Heart Container or Stamina Vessel if they go in the right direction. After that, you can trade Poes for things like Bomb Flowers or pieces of the Dark Tunic set at the Bargainer Statue.

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