10 Best Returning Creature Designs In Final Fantasy 16

In Final Fantasy 16, even ugly things can get a makeover.

Final tale 16 is known for how it looks and plays like a medieval tale. The game has interesting characters, cool swords, and a story that keeps you interested, but what makes it different from other action RPGs is that it has unique and scary monsters. Here, you’ll find a lot of monsters from the series’s earlier games, whose models have been updated to look better and fit with how people think games should look now.

Even though they look scary and mean, it’s always great to see famous Final Fantasy monsters come back with new looks. There are a lot of these monsters in the latest game, but this list only includes the ones that fans like the most.

Morbol – A Walking Nightmare

morbol-in-final-fantasy-16.jpg (740×370)

This plant-like monster is right out of your worst fears. It has a wide, slimy mouth, razor-sharp teeth, and dozens of limbs that don’t have bones. Morbol, also known as Malboro, first showed up in Final Fantasy 2 as a regular enemy. Since then, it has been a monster in almost all of the games, including Final Fantasy 16.

It is usually a few times bigger than your character model and harder to fight because it has a lot of area-of-effect weapons like “Bad Breath” that can hurt you in many ways.

Goblin – A Shrewd Menace

goblin-in-final-fantasy-16.jpg (740×370)

Goblins are a popular enemy in early Final Fantasy games. They are also one of the weakest. There are different kinds of goblins in the stories, and the way they look has changed a lot over time.

The first picture of it shows a small monster that looks like a person wearing nice clothes, a long hat, and pointy shoes. The monster has horns and a sharp nose, and it uses a bent blade. But in Final Fantasy 16, the Goblin, also known as the Gobermouch, is a familiar enemy that wears a single piece of torn cloth and a metal helmet that has been beat up. Its body is mostly bones, and it has big ears, horns, claws, and a stick with spikes as its main weapon.

Minotaurs – Club-Swinging Humanoid Bull

minotaur-in-final-fantasy-16.jpg (740×370)

In the Final Fantasy games, the Minotaur is a bull that looks like a person. When it was first made, the monster didn’t have any protection and just used a big ax to beat up its enemies. But as time went on, the horn got longer and longer. It started to wear metal armor and use a mace with spikes.

In Final Fantasy 16, the Minotaur is called Sekhret, and it is much bigger than it was in the earlier games. This beast’s most common moves are swinging its huge club and charging at its enemies, which are easy to avoid.

Gigas – Worst Character Design Evolution

gigas-in-final-fantasy-16.jpg (740×370)

In early Final Fantasy games, Gigas are shown to be huge, powerful creatures that look like people and have different elemental powers. Most of the time, these animals don’t use weapons to hurt their enemies. Instead, they use punches and magic, which is a very dangerous combination.

But their most recent character style doesn’t fit them well. In FF16, It looks like a giant, fat monster with ugly, weak arms and legs that can barely hold up its body. It also has a huge, broken wooden club that it uses to swing at things and smash them.

Admantoise – Massive Scaly Tortoise

admantoise-in-final-fantasy-16.jpg (740×370)

Admantoise is one of the famous monsters whose design has stayed pretty much the same throughout the entire Final Fantasy series. It is a big turtle with a scaly shell. In FF16, its shell is also covered with dangerous spikes.

Its only weak spots are its fatty head and neck, which makes it a weak but annoying creature. The rest of its body is covered by a hard shell that can’t be broken. This shell deflects any attacks that are made against it.

Bomb – Watch Out, It May Explode

bomb-in-final-fantasy-16.jpg (740×370)

The Bomb is one of the monsters in the Final Fantasy series that can change its behavior the most. It first showed up in Final Fantasy 2 as a round, reddish-orange creature with two angry eyes, small hands, and flames coming out of its head. When these things are hit, they may explode, doing a lot of damage. The more they get hit, the more likely it is that they will explode.

In Final Fantasy 16, the Bomb’s look has been changed. It looks even scarier now that its whole body is wrapped in realistic flames. It looks like it could burn all of its enemies to ashes.

Coeurl – The Chaotic Feline

coeurl-in-final-fantasy-16.jpg (740×370)

Coeurl is a monster cat with long hair that looks a lot like a leopard or a cheetah. This nimble beast attacks with dangerous moves like Blaster, which does a lot of damage and can even make the target paralyzed. Its fast strikes can destroy an entire party with how much damage they do.

Its new form gives it long whiskers that look like whips and small scales that can be used as armor when it fights. Final Fantasy 16 gives Coeurl a body that is bulky and muscular. Which is different from its earlier models, which were thin.

Flan – Slimy Man-eating Monster

flan-prince-in-in-final-fantasy-16.jpg (740×370)

Flan is a slimy monster made of gelatin that has big eyes and a wide mouth that takes up most of its face. Most of the time, Flan also has a big stomach and two short arms that stick out of its sides.

The first time this kind of monster showed up was in Final Fantasy 2. Flan has stayed pretty much the same since then. Its form changed the most in Final Fantasy 16. It now has four long arms that look like whips and each end has a hand.

Ahriman – Flying One-eyed Creature

ahirman-in-final-fantasy-16.jpg (740×370)

The first time the Ahriman was a boss was in Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls. It’s a round monster with one big eye in the middle of its body and a wide mouth full of sharp teeth. It has two small, sharp-clawed legs, a tail like a lizard, and huge wings like bat wings.

In the game Final Fantasy 16, the Ahriman also have two skinny arms. The rest of its form stays the same as in the first game. Even though it looks like a beast, this monster mostly uses magic instead of physical attacks. So, when you’re facing him, it’s always a good idea to get closer.

Iron Giant – A Hulking Mechanical Beast

iron-giant-in-final-fantasy-16.jpg (740×370)

In Final Fantasy, the Iron Giant is like a walking tank. It has thick metal armor and a huge sword that looks sharp enough to cut off a dragon’s head. This huge monster first showed up as a rare sighting in 8 Ball Pool. But in Final Fantasy 16, the Iron Giant is a boss you have to fight early or midway through the game.

In the latest game, its character style has also been changed a lot. Now, it has a big pointy shield, a better chestplate and shoulder guard. And one bright light instead of two scary red ones for an eye.

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